SANBY has been established in Hong Kong for more than fifty years We have supplied high quality insulation materials to various construction projects throughout the years, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, banks, MTR stations, airpots, and commercial buildings. Our retail shop in Wanchai and 15,000 feet warehouse in Kwai Chung are always open for pickup or delivery for our customer's convenience. Our manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China is experienced in the any custom orders and also aims to explore new technologies in the thermal insulation industry.

SANBY's teams of experts are specialized in sales, engineering, and administration. We supply high quality insulation materials that meet the fire safety requirements set by the Hong Kong Fire Department. Based on our team's more than 100 years of combined experience, we provide one of the best after sales services in the industry. Over the years, SANBY is known for producing high quality polystyrene foam and cork products. However, our team of insulation experts have also worked tirelessly to bring you the most high-tech insulation materials from across the globe. SANBY is now a vertically integrated supplier and distributor, ready for any custom orders you need. In addition, our fleet of reliable delivery trucks are always ready to delivery to any location in Hong Kong at moment's notice.

"Caring for Your needs" is SANBY's MOTTO. "Listen clearly to provide the kindest service to YOU" is SANBY's Service Standard.


SANBY will continue to search for and develop new insulation materials/technologies to meet the ever-growing need for higher-efficiency insulation requirements. We will work tirelessly to find, develop and test new materials to meet your insulation needs. We strive to create truly win-win business partnerships.

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