S=Specialization 專業
A=Ascendancy 優越
N=Neutrality 中立
B=Business 在商言商
Y=caring for Your necessary 關注你的需要


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General Purpose Glasswool is a light weight flexible blanket designed for external lagging of low to medium temperature industrial equipment and appliances. It is used for applications such as air-conditioning ductwork, hot water tanks, and as an effective energy saver on process vessels operating up to 340 Degree Celsius. It is sufficiently flexible to wrap around sharp angles and small radii with sufficient compressive strength to maintain thickness.

Owens Corning Technical Data
  Property   Test Method   Specification (Base on Model No.)
  Operating Temperature Range   ASTM C411   -4℃ to +121℃
  Corrosiveness   ASTM C665   Chemically Inert
  Mold Growth   ASTM C665   No Growth
  Moisture Absorption   ASTM C1104   <3% by Weight @ 49℃ 90% R.H.
  Vapor Permeance   ASTM E96   0.02 Perm Maximum
  Puncture Resistance   ASTM D781   25 Beach Unit Minimum
  Thermal Conductivity(k) at 24℃ Mean   W/mK   0.032-0.037
  Flammability Characteristics   B.S. 476   Part 4 - Non-Combustible
  Part 5 - Ignitability
  Part 6 - Fire Propagation
  Part 7 - Surface Spread of Flame
  Class"0" Fire Rating
  Combustibility Characteristics   China National Standard   GB 5464-85: PASSED
  Surface Burning Characteristics   ASTM E84   Flame Spread 25
  Smoke Developed 50

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