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Foamular Metric Exturded Polystyrene

FOAMULAR-METRIC is a rigid polystyrene foam insulation extruded into boards which develops continuous skin surfaces and closed-cell cores. The cells have interconnecting walls of consistent thickness with no voids. This gives FOAMUALR-METRIC high insulating values, superior moisture resistance and high compressive strength.

Foamular-Metric Technical Data
  Property   Symbol   Test Method   Specification (Based on Model No.)
  Compressive Strength   kpa   ASTM 1621   >=150~>=650
  Water Absorption   %(v/v)   ASTM C272   <=0.1~<=0.05
  Vapour Permeability   ng/(pa.s.m3)@25.4mm   ASTM E96   <=63~<=35
  Thermal Conductivity   W/mK @24℃   ASTM C518   <=0.0289
  Thermal Resistance     ASTM E84   5

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