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KOOLTHERM Phenolic Foams

SANBY TRADING COMPANY LIMITED strives to provide the highest quality of products to our clients. Kooltherm phenolic foam is a high quality and non-combustible insulation material that meets environmental standard - containing no CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) as agreed at the congresses held in Montreal 1987 and London 1990. It is most suitable for ducts, cold containers, and industrial/commercial insulating containers.

Kooltherm can maintain its exceptional performance between -200℃ to 120℃ (-328℉ to 248℉). It also has top-of-the-class properties in insulation, fire resistance, smoke rate, strength, eco-friendliness, safety, and value. Kooltherm’s average thermal conductivity is 0.019W/mK at 10℃ proves that it is an excellent insulating material in low temperature conditions. In addition, the low thermal conductivity of Kooltherm insulation increases the overall energy efficiency of a system thus lowering the costing of heating/cooling.

Kooltherm phenolic foam is condensation resistant and is composed of over 95% closed cell structure. This makes Kooltherm phenolic foam most suitable for cold and moist environments. Kooltherm phenolic foam is also chemically inert, and does not react with most oil, solvents or corrosive chemicals. It is the material of choice for the harshest insulation environments.

Kooltherm and Sanby work closely together to provide various dimensions of phenolic foam piping insulation. Custom-made dimensions are also available.

Kooltherm Technical Data
    Test Method   Efficiency
  Operating Temp. Limits (Upper)     120℃
  Operating Temp. Limits (Lower)     -200℃
  Density   ASTM D 1622   37~120kg/m3
  Compressive Strength   ASTM D 1621
  Proc A
  Vapor Permeance   ASTM E 96
  23℃ 85% RH
  30+/-10g/m2 24H
  Closed Cell Content   ASTM D 2856 B   90-95%
  Thermal Conductivity at +10℃   ASTM C 518 - Initial   0.019~0.032W/mK
  Fire Test Classifications   ASTM E 84
  BS 476 Part 6
  BS 476 Part 7
  BS 476 Part 12
  BS 4735
  Class 0 (foiled)
  Class 1 (foiled)
  <=10 mm

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