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Knauf Propanel is the ideal board for water resistance, impact-resistance, abrasion resistance in public buildings such as schools or hospitals, where robustness, longevity and quality are particularly important. It is well qualified for both indoors and outdoors.

Knauf Propanel is composed of inorganic raw material such as cement, silica and cellulose fibre.

  Neutral designation   Fibre Cement (100% asbestos free)
  Raw Density   Approx. 1300kg/m3
  Thermal Conductivity   Approx. 0.22W/mk
  Coeffcient of expansion   2.0 x10-5m/mk
  Linear expansion rate   0.1%
  Water Content   8%
  Water Absorption Capacity   35%
  Expansion when under water
  (100% saturation)
  Water penetration rate   0%
  Compressive strength   20N/mm2
  Minimum radius of curvature   1500mm for 6mm thick Knauf Propanel)
  Modulus of elasticity E   Longitudinal 11.5N/mm2  Transverse 9.5N/mm2
  Flexural strength F   Longitudinal 12.5N/mm2  Transverse 10.5N/mm2
  Fire Specification   Non-combustible BS476:Part4

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