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A=Ascendancy 優越
N=Neutrality 中立
B=Business 在商言商
Y=caring for Your necessary 關注你的需要


K-FLEX ST Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulation is a closed cell material which provides low water absorption, stable thermal conductivity, good fire performance & ease of application.

It is ideally used for general refrigeration & heating applications as insulation against heat-loss in heating systems. (e.g. hot water pipes, solar heater installations & heat recovery systems, preventing condensation in cold lines for refrigerators, air-conditioners, drain pipes, display/bar type freezers & other refrigeration systems.)

With proper & quality usage of insulators, it helps not only assist in energy conservation but reduction in costs.

K-Flex ST Technical Data
  Property   Test Method   Specification (Based on Model No.)
  Thermal Conductivity   DIN 52613
  DIN 52612
  λ    -20℃ = 0.034W/mK
  λ       0℃ = 0.036W/mK
  λ   +20℃ = 0.038W/mK
  Temperature range     pipes   -45℃ to +116℃
  sheets -45℃ to +85℃
  Density     55 to 70 kg/m3
  3 lb/ft3 to 4 lb/ft3
  Water vapour diffusion resistance factor   DIN 52615 ISO 9346   >= μ7000
  Water vapour permeability   BS 4370 DIN 52165   0.09 μgm/N.h.
  Water absorbtion % by volume after 28 days     < 1.1%
  Flexibility     Excellent
  Wall penetration standard fire test   BS 476 Part 20 1987   Up to 180 Minutes
  Resistance to oil and greases     Good
  Resistance to U.V. and weather (with K-Flex U.V. paint)     Good
  Fire Test Classifications   BS 476 Part 6 1989
  BS 476 Part 7 1987
  Class 0
  Class 1
  Noise reduction   DIN 4109   Up to 32 db (A)
  % Closed Cells     >90%

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